Quadrant Geocoin

Quadrant Geocoin (antique bronze)



How to use it:

1. Locate the North Star, Polaris. You can also use it in the Southern Hemisphere if you know how to triangulate the Southern Cross and Centaurus constellations to locate the southern axis point.


2. Hold the quadrant vertical and ensure there is nothing obstructing the weighted string. The weighted string must hang freely, but still lightly brush up against the degree scale.


3. Hold the coin straight out from your face; and line up the two triangle points on the edge of the coin with the North Star.


4. Once you have a good fix on Polaris, carefully pinch the lower end of the string onto the quadrant to prevent it from moving. Be careful to not pinch the string in a way that covers the degree scale.


5. turn the coin around and look on the degree scale to see where the string crosses it. You now have your approximate latitude.



















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